I just realized I never posted my final system for the Wishy Washy project. Wishy Washy is a fictional non-profit that promotes proper hygiene skills for children. They teach games and songs to help kids remember the proper amount of time to wash their hands, and other skills that can be overlooked. 

I wanted the poster to seem whimsical for an appeal to children, but not be obnoxious enough so that adults won’t be bothered by seeing it. The lanyards implemented extra security for the workers identification, since they would be touring in elementary schools, daycare centers, and any other place that house small children. I definitely wanted to make security of the children a major priority. The tags for children emphasize their names so that the workers can call the children by their name easily to make the child feel more special. The tshirts I came up with have the alphabet printed on them backwards, so that when a child is washing their hands, it will appear the correct way when reflected in the mirror in the bathroom. Its a little reminder to sing through their ABC’s while washing in order to do so the proper amount of time.

There are lots of little details, so I apologize for posting so much about this. It was just one of my favorite projects!