These are some stamps I created for a project in which we had to create under the context of a particular subject.

Two of my designs for the island nation of Nevis. I couldn’t decide between the two.

A dvd cover for ‘Cows with Guns’ by Dana Lyons. Definitely played around with this one, and I was figuring out the brush tool on Adobe Illustrator. 


This is a poster I was assigned to create for the ‘Threepenny Opera’ by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. I definitely made use of the extensive type collection the labs at school have.

This project was supposed to be a redesign of currency. I played off of foreign currency and used some of their better parts as inspiration. This was the most I had ever played with stock images in my work, so its a little sloppy. However, I put a lot of thought into the project by creating gradients and a custom logo for the money.

I started working on creating a new typeface for an assignment. I had fun with it, and it was refreshing to make something so simple.

This was an assignment in which we were supposed to create a poster for Bobby Darin.